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Do you offer video editing services by mail?
Yes, we offer all post-production services by mail to include; 1. Photo to CD-Rom transfers 2.Photo-to-Video Production, which we call the “Scrap Book Music Video” 3. Re-editing and adding music and effects to old family style Hi 8 or VHS videos 4. Transfer VHS or Hi 8 Video to DVD Disc 5. VHS, DVD, or CD-Rom Duplications (express mail).

If I want an old family video re-edited with effects & music, then burned to a DVD, how will Family Video Services know what type of final video production I want?
Simple, once we receive all of your materials in the mail one of our editors will call you or contact you by email to discuss in length exactly what type of finished video product you expect. We will discuss with you video length, music, various sequence options, types of effects, titles, and the actual video timeline from beginning to end.

What type of “on location” videography services do you offer?
We offer on location videography services in Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas only. We can cover any type of event raging from weddings and receptions, to large corporate events and anything in between. You have the option to request a single or dual camera crew. In most cases a single cam operator will capture plenty of event footage.

What do you charge to scan old photos and burn to a CD-Rom?
$25.00 dollars per hour.

Do you offer a photo “touch up” service?
Yes we do. Price depends on what type of touch up service you are seeking and how many photos are in question. Standard charge is $25.00 per hour.

What is a Scrap Book Music Video?
A Scrap Book Music Video brings your favorite family photos to life! We take your separate photos and fly them into our video editing system. We then add digital effects such as dissolves, 3D video cubes, wipes, and motion. We then add titles to the very beginning and end of the video and add your favorite music. We can also add old VHS or Hi 8 video snippets to the mix too. After all is edited down to a master file, we can then make copies of this special photo-to- video montage onto a VHS tape or DVD disc. Rate: $25.00 per hour.

What type of equipment do you use?
For on location videography we use state of the art 3 Chip CCD Sony and Canon Cameras. These cameras offer pure broadcast quality imaging at approximately 380,000 pixels. We also use state of the art wireless audio (when appropriate) and top of the line FCP Non-Linear Editing equipment.

What are your current standard rates for single cam “On Location Filming”?
$50.00 dollars (per half hour) with a minimum of (2) hours of “on location service” rendered. $200.00 dollar minimum.

What is your current standard rate for most other digital editing and production services?
A flat $25.00 (per half hour) studio rate.