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FAMILY OR PERSONAL HISTORY VIDEO: Your family's history (or you personal history), can be permanently recorded using your existing photo's or various family photographs, Hi 8- video, VHS video-tapes, and sound-recordings. Your important paper documents, your letters, old deeds and wills – can be preserved for posterity within a digital video time capsule. If you are not located in the Las Vegas area we can work with the materials you send to us via insured Fed Ex delivery. We will then scan all materials, capture, edit, and produce into your very own "Family History Video" for all future generations to enjoy.

The final product will be digitally mastered and delivered to you on a professional DVD-Rom, along with a tape version that can be viewed on any VHS player. The perfect gift for a special occasion: a milestone anniversary, a wedding, or a new addition to the family! Most Family History Videos will be no longer than 20 minutes in length after all edits and production has been implemented.

Currently there are websites being designed to digitally archive at least (1) life history video for each of one us and make available for public display. In the old days only family members had the opportunity to review old photo scrap books and family films. This is an exciting time for senior family members given the fact that they now have the opportunity to have their lives digitally saved and documented on a Video Disc forever.

PERSONAL WILL AND TESTEMENT VIDEO: Estate Planning Attorneys usually like for you to add an audio or video testimony to your files. Whether you have a common Living Trust, or an advanced Irrevocable Trust you should include a confidential written or taped message to your family. This will be read or played only at confirmation of your passing and should be kept in a safe, secure place. Your message to you loved ones might include words of comfort and affection, and even your life history, which will make fascinating and instructive reading/viewing for your descendants. If you do decide to video tape this event, simply relax and act yourself! Any flaws, changes, or laps of time can be edited out. Duplications on DVD or VHS tapes are available as well.